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Internal and External Audit

The Governing Body of the Institution consisting of university and AICTE nominees, Management, Industry, Academic members and Head of the Department preview financial year budget proposals which includes Income & Expenditure (both recurring and non-recurring) Statement. The proposals are made on different heads such as lab consumables, library journals, salary, building maintenance and other maintenance expenses.

Fund Mobilization

As a self-financed institute, SSMCE relies primarily on fee collection as its major source of income generation. However, in addition to fees, the institute may have other sources through which it mobilizes funds to meet its expenditures. SSM Foundation Trust plays a crucial role in supporting the SSM College of Engineering (SSMCE) by providing funds for various developmental activities. Some potential sources of additional income for the institute could include:
Anna University, Government and Non-Government Agencies, Endowment Funds,Research Projects, Training Programs and Rental Income.

Utilization of Funds

Construction of Buildings and Infrastructure facilities Grants received from Government bodies like AICTE, DST and UGC are effectively utilized to conduct seminars, workshops, FDP, etc., In addition, institution management contributes budget to upgrade construction works and loans are also judicially availed at reduced rate. The Institution purchases new transport vehicles (buses/vans) according to student strength, through hire purchase loans from banks which are repaid with reduced rates of interest from the reasonable transport charges collected from the students. Recurring Expenses Fees collected from students are utilized for the salary to Teaching faculty and non teaching staff, academic activities and loan due payment.
This holistic support provided by the trust helps in fostering the growth and success of SSMCE and contributes to the education and upliftment of the community.

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