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B.Tech Textile Technology - Laboratory
Laboratory Facilities

The textile technology department is equipped with state of art laboratory with latest equipment in spinning, weaving, testing, processing and garment laboratories.

This laboratory facility enables the students to practice on the machinery to gain practical knowledge and facilitate project and new developments.

Fibre Science Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
2Weighing balance
3Conditioning Chamber

Yarn Manufacture Laboratory – I
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Ginning Machine
2Blow room Machinery
3Carding machine
4Drawing machine
6Roving machine

Yarn Manufacture Laboratory – II
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Carding machine
2Drawing machine
3Roving machine
4Ring frame
5Rotor spinning machine

Fabric Manufacture Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Cone winding machine
2Sectional Warping machine
3Pirn winding machine
4Ganga SampleLoom
5Plain Powerloomwith tappet shedding
6Plain Powerloom with dobby shedding
7Hirano loom with cam dobby shedding
8Powerloom with jacquard
9Powerloom with dropbox
10Powerloom with pirn changing mechanism
11Shuttleless loom (RAPIER)

Fabric Analysis Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1GSM Cutter
2Beesley Balance
3Crimp Tester
4Electronic balance

Textile Chemical Processing Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Stainless vats (500 ml)
2Water bath
4Steam ager
5Pilot padding mangle
6HTHP Beaker dyeing machine
7Pilot curing chamber
8Fastness tester for Washing, Light, Perspiration & Rubbing
9Printing table

Knitting and Garment Construction Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Circular knitting machine: Plain
3Flat Knitting Machine
5Single Needle Lock stitch machine
6Button hole machine
7Button attaching machine
8Feed off arm machine
9Flat lock Machine

Textile Quality Evaluation Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Baer Sorter
2Fibre Bundle strength tester
3Fibre Fineness tester
4Trash Analyzer
5Projection Microscope
6Wrap Reel
7Wrap Block
8Yarn Twist Tester
9Electronic Twist Tester
10Single Yarn Strength Tester
11Bundle yarn strength tester
12Ballistic Tester
13Yarn Unevenness tester
14Weighing balance
15Yarn appearance Board Winder
16Yarn appearance Board (Standards)
17Fabric tensile strength tester
18Computerized Tensile Testing machine
19Fabric tearing strength tester
20Fabric Thickness Tester
21Fabric Stiffness Tester
22Fabric Crease Recovery Tester
23Fabric Bursting Strength Tester
24Fabric Abrasion Resistance Tester
25Fabric Pilling resistance tester
26Fabric air permeability tester
27Fabric Drape meter

Information Technology Laboratory for Textiles

Our college is one among the seven centers in India selected by NCUTE (Nodal Center for Up gradation of Textile Education) to impart IT Education and Training in Textiles to the students and technologist in the Industry. In this context, an exclusive Information Technology Laboratory has been set up by Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, in the Department of Textile Technology. The IT lab is well equipped with Computers and peripherals like plotter, scanner &other state of art equipment’s with latest software to facilitate Computer Aided Textile and Garment Designing. The Department through It Lab offers industry oriented training programmes and short term courses for the benefits of technicians from the industry, entrepreneurs and the student community. The Laboratory is well equipped with Facilities for pattern making. Computer Aided Pattern Making Software is also available so that the job of pattern making and marker planning are made easy.

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