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  • Chairman 'Cavalier' Dr.M.S.Mathivanan has received Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Award
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Toastmasters Club
About Toastmasters
Why Toastmasters?
Toastmasters & Learning process

In Toastmasters, we follow a structured learning process: Once an individual become a member, he/she receives a kit from TI which consists of two manuals:

Structure of Toastmaster meeting

Every Toastmaster consists of three sections:

Toastmaster Club @ SSM

SSM Toastmasters club was started by SSM College of Engineering, Komarapalayam with 25 eminent faculty members. The club is headed by Cavalier Dr. M.S. Mathivanan, Chairman of SSM Group of Institutions and conducts club meeting every Friday at 4.00 pm at the SSM conference hall.

Becoming a Member

The financial year of Toastmasters International is split into 2 terms. They are:

Thus the renewals will be collected from the members during March (for the term Aprl – Sept) and September (for the term Oct – March).

SSM Toastmasters Club charges a new member 56 USD for the 1st term (6 months) and 26 USD for the subsequent terms (1 term = 6 months). Payments can be made through the College with the Principal’s approval.

Once the application form along with the fees is given, the VP Membership uploads the application on the TMI website and the applicant name appears on the ‘not yet paid’ section. The treasurer now uploads the money paid by the member. The name now shifts to the Club Roster (showing that the money has been received and the member is ‘active’)

When a term comes to an end (September or March), the renewals for the new term is collected and uploaded by the treasurer by Oct 1st or March 1st. If its done later than Oct 10th or Mar 10th, the club loses DCP points.

If a member fails to renew, his name automatically moves from the Club Roster to the ‘not yet paid’ section of TMI website. The member is not active and is ineligible to make projects or participate in contests. If he does not renew for more than a terms period, his name is taken from that section also. If he wishes to join again, he must apply as a ‘reinstated member’.

Apart from ‘new members’, other types people who can join are:

Reinstated member: Members who want to join after a gap of more than a term.

Dual member: Members who desire membership in more than a club.

Transfer member: Members who shift clubs (maybe because of change in residence).

In these cases, membership cannot be applied online. It has to be either mailed or faxed to the WHQ.

Activities of the Club

SSM Toast Master Club conducts meetings every Friday in various classes in different departments, simultaneously.

There are 41 sub-clubs at student’s level functioning under SSM Toast Master Club. All these sub clubs have its separate office bearers and separate club proceedings.

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