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B.Tech Petro Chemical Technology - Laboratories
Laboratory Facilities

The department of petrochemical Technology well equipped equipments is installed with Laboratory. This facility enable for the students to practice the equipments to gain the knowledge and learn testing petroleum in global standards.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
2Orifice meter
4Pipes and fittings
3Centrifugal pump

Fluid solid operations Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Open drum with orifice
2Helical and Spiral Coils
3Packed Column
4Fluidized bed
5Sieve shaker
6Leaf Filter
7Sedimentation Jar
8Jaw Crusher
9Ball mill
10Drop weight crusher

Chemical Analysis Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Silica crucible
2Heating mantle
3Muffle Furnace
4Hot air oven
6Vacuum pump
8Reflux condenser
9Pensky martens cloud cup apparatus
10Cleveland open cup apparatus
11Cloud point apparatus
12Saybolt Viscometer
13Redwood viscometer
14Bomb calorimeter
15UV –Vis spectrophotmeter

Heat Transfer Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Double pipe Heat exchanger
2Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
3Barred and Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
4Composite wall setup
5Natural Convection setup
6Forced Convection setup
7Stefan Boltzman apparatus
8Emissivity measurement setup
9Open pan evaporator
11Packed bed
12Vertical condenser
13Horizontal condenser.
14Helical coil
15Jacketed vessel
16Agitated vessel

Petrochemical Analysis Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Bomb calorimeter
2UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
3Sulphur content determination
4KF Titrator

Mass Transfer Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Simple distillation setup
2Steam Distillation setup
3Packed column
4Liquid –liquid extractor
5Tray dryer
6Ion exchange column
7Cooling tower
8evaporation setup
9Adsorption column setup
10Leaching setup

Petroleum Testing Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Redwood Viscometer
2Saybolt viscometer
3Muffle furnace
4Aniline point apparatus
5Copper corrosion apparatus
6Freezing point apparatus
7Cloud point apparatus
8Pour point apparatus
9KF Titrator
11Junker gas calorimeter
12Bomb calorimeter
13Pensky open and closed flash and fire point apparatus

Process Dynamics, Instrumentation and Control Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Open and closed loop level system
2Open and closed loop flow system
3Open and closed loop thermal system
4Response of first order systems
5Response of second order systems
6Response of non – interacting level system
7Response of interacting level system

Chemical reaction engineering Laboratory
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Batch Reactor
2CSTR Reactor

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