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HR Policy



Probationary period:

Pay scale:

Note : DA will be provided as per norms of AICTE for each category.

Pay scale:

Staff appraisal:

The objectives of performance appraisal are as follows:


Welfare Scheme for Faculty and non-teaching staff members:

Students Welfare:

Facilities for Differently able Students:

Incentives and Rewards:

Staff members are eligible for the following incentives and rewards, based on their performance, contribution and years of service at the Institution.


a. Casual leave:

All staff member are entitled to avail 12 days in a year. A leave letter has to be submitted to the office after getting the approval of HOD and Principal. A faculty availing leave more than 12 days will lead to a loss of pay.

b. CSL:

Faculties engaged in a academic/non academic work on holiday can avail CSL on any particular working day, within 3 months from the date of earning of the leave.


Permission extends to a period of 1 hour each faculty entitled to avail 2 permissions either in the morning (9 am to 10 am) or in the evening (3.40 pm to 4.40 pm).

Maternity Leave

Women teaching and non-teaching faculty members are eligible to avail 3 months of maternity leave.

Medical Leave

Medical leave is available for all faculty members; a medical certificate has to be submitted prior to reporting to the college.

On duty / Exam duty


No. of on duty per year : 12

S.No Nature of Duty / Program Experience (0-5) Experience (5-10) Experience (More than 10)
1 Conference 1 day 3 days 4 days
2 Seminars 1 day 3 days 4 days
3 Workshop/FDP/SFTP 5 days 5 days 5 days



S.No University related duties Experience (0-5) Experience (5-10) Experience (More than 10)
1 External Examiner (Lab) / Projects (Lab) 1 day 2 days 3 days
2 Hall superintendent 6 day 4 days -
3 Central Valuation & AUR As per order



S.No Ph.D Experience (0-5) Experience (5-10) Experience (More than 10)
1 Ph.D related OD As per order

Note: OD for special cases will be given at the discussion of HOD and Principal.

Spell Leave

Vacation can be availed by staff members these who have more than one year experience in this institution.

S.No Years of Experience No.of Days of Vacation (weeks)
1 1-2 Years 1 week
2 3-5 Years 2 weeks
3 6-9 Years 3 weeks
3 10 and above 4 weeks


Grievance Cell

Students Scholarship

Eligible students are given the following Scholarship

Disciplinary Committee


In-disciplinary activity: Any Student indulged in any sort of in-disciplinary activity in or out of the campus will be produced in-front of the disciplinary committee thorough enquiry will conducted, the defaulters will be identified and appropriate action will be taken based on the severity of the incident or cause.


Any complaints on staff [academic and non-academic] stating the violation of code of conduct will be asked to report themselves in front of the disciplinary committee. Based on the enquiry report, disciplinary action enforced against the individual or group individuals.


Vishaka Committee

General Rules and Regulations:

Gents Faculty

Female Faculty

General Rules:

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