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About Soft Skill

Soft skills are interpersonal and interpersonal skills that determine a person's ability to at least fit in a particular social structure, such as a project team. For Improving the Soft skills of students that may also help improve their employment perspectives. Students acquire the skills to help them succeed in life.


1. Listening Skills

Students should rate this as the first skill that should be honed because it is very important while pursuing a higher education. One should hone this skill by involving actions such as nodding their head and making eye contact.

2. Positive Attitude

When the world is filled with many negative factors, one has to win hearts with a positive approach. Starting from teachers to friends, everyone will look for someone who drives the academic year with a positive attitude. Students have to hone this skill to maintain their friendly atmosphere with everyone at an educational institute. With a positive attitude, students should consider some key areas that will help them develop a positive attitude such as high energy, enthusiastic, confident, cooperative, patient, respectable, respectful and sense of humor

3. Leadership Skills

For a student, one will always have decision to make. There will be opportunities like class election, and student union election and club president or representative leader that will test who the majority of people like and think should be a leader. But leaders can also come forth due to situations. Someone who is quick in thinking and can make the right decisions, coordinate other people and pull off an event or a situation with smooth functioning can spearhead as a leader.

4. Decision-making

Students have to learn how to make decisions within the given time. By doing, so they will have a stand of their own and will not have to depend on other people. By deciding which stream to pick, which electives to chose and which co-curricular activities they must go for, they learn what is best for them, which will form the foundation of this skill. Moreover, the people we choose as friends and the groups we mingle with also help us develop our personality. Even there, decision-making is important.

5. Teamwork

Students must understand the importance of unity. In higher levels of work, people will have to work together, in doing so many times they will have to confront each other and argue.

6. Creative Thinking

Students need to be creative in their approach in every aspect and it helps them understand the world in a better way and come up with answers that might give the rest of the world a new perspective. Ideation and creation are, thus, very elemental parts of education.

7. Problem Solving

To each students improve problem-solving skills is very important because we live in an uncertain world, where any sort of situation can turn into an unfavorable one. Students should know how to solve situational problems.

About Communication Skill

It plays significant role in enhancing the skills of students. Each student to develop the English language Communication skills and students enhances to listen, to speak English fluent, reading the passages and to improve writing skills for report writing and formatting text. To formulate students’ for success in the campus drive based on their group discussion and face-to-face communication. Communication lab is facility where a student can learn a language with help and give proper guidance of teacher through a system. The lab develops among the students a habit of the listening with accurate pronunciation. Students recorded their own voice and playback for self evaluation and build self confidence. Language lab is essential for students to develop the communication skills and create reading habits.


The Language lab focuses on the listening and accurate pronounce words and familiar with the students with use of English in everyday situations and contexts.


1.Individual Activity in this activity performed by the individual students, students to give self introduction and description, preparation of oral presentations and describe a person or places etc.

2.Pair Activity in this activity performed by pair of students, students their exchange dialogue, role play and their conversation through telephonic or face to face.

3.Group Activity A number of students can be participated in debate, to organise group discussion and conduct seminars, paper presentation in symposium and conferences etc.

The following communication is essential for students


Verbal communication seems like the most obvious of the different types of communication. It utilizes the spoken word, either face-to-face or remotely. Verbal communication is essential to most interactions, but there are other nonverbal cues that help provide additional context to the words themselves. Pairing nonverbal communication with the spoken word provides a more nuanced message.


Nonverbal communication provides some insight into a speaker’s word choice. Sarcasm, complacency, deception or genuineness occurs within nonverbal communication. These things are often communicated through facial expressions, hand gestures, posture and even appearance, all of which can convey something about the speaker. For instance, a disheveled speaker with wrinkled clothes and poor posture would communicate a lack of confidence or expertise. A speaker with a nice suit, who stood up straight and spoke clearly, may appear more serious or knowledgeable.


Visual types of communication include signs, maps or drawings as well as color or graphic design. These typically reinforce verbal communication, and they help to make a point. Visual aids can help a speaker remember important topics, give the audience something to look at, and generally help convey the message being presented.

Yoga and Meditation

To each student practices yoga in day-to-day life, to improve their flexibility, balance, endurance and physical strength, Meditation helps to keep the mind sharp and clear, relieves stress and improves overall well being, which deals with mental relaxation and concentration among the students. Here, attention is focused on thoughts and breath. Being aware of breathing automatically controls the thought process and thus relaxes mind completely.


The main objective of the yoga and meditation is,


Yoga and Meditation:

In every year SSM college of Engineering to celebrate international of day of yoga on 21st June. Yoga meditation classes conduct for all first year and second year students in every weekend. In Yoga day yoga experts give eminent lecturers, seminars, workshop etc.

Health and Hygiene:

SSMCE conducting awareness program for health and Hygiene in every year, to enable the student to have good health both mentally and physically and practice of Personal hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases. SSMCE conduct awareness program for Hand washing for all first year students. Create a awareness of each students to keep surroundings hygienic and such as dispose properly, clean and use garbage cans.

Physical Fitness:

Physical fitness is most important for students to involve the sport activities. Physical fitness not only for medical purpose and also students prepared mentally for their quality of life. SSMCE create awareness of physical fitness program. Our fitness experts to give training and consistently advice to how their strengthen muscles. SSMCE gymnasium was installed well equip instruments in boys and girls hostel premises.


SSM college of Engineering follows the norms laid down by AICTE and Anna University for creating and enhancing the infrastructure facilities for effective teaching and learning. All the infrastructure facilities are provided with a vision to help students to develop their academic and carrier progression skills. Total area of our institution is 43000 sq meter and its build up area is 38411 sq meter. The college have exclusive language laboratory attached with audio and video facilities for enhancing student to gain knowledge.

In July 1998, 50 computers were installed along with 1 switch. The college used Internet connections through LAN with the speed of 5 mbps in the initial stage. Later in 1999, 30 computers along with 1 switch were installed. In 2000, additionally 30 computers with 1 switch were installed. In 2001, 50 computers with 1 switch were installed. In addition to this the college bought 50 speakers. These computers used windows-98 as its operating system. The college used the advanced operating systems for the 50 computers installed in the year 2002. It also has 1 switch and 5 hubs. After in 2004, 40 computers were bought with 2-switches and 5-hubs. In 2006, there are 40 computers with 2-switch and 5-hubs were bought. Later on 2008, the college bought 40 computers with 1-switch and 3-hubs.

Our institution has 7 computer laboratories with high speed Internet connection using WI-FI. Every year our college is updating the connection speed of Internet. We use LCD for the easy and understandable way of taking classes for the students to gain knowledge. We also have High sound Quality Speakers used in Communication Laboratories. In our college the AUTOCAD Laboratory was used by civil department students. Our college use advanced operating systems likes Windows-XP, Windows-7 and also have Linux, UNIX and Ubantu. The computers have various languages like C, C++, Java, .net, Rational Rose and Visual Basic. For the Internet connection we use optical fiber cables. The area of each computer laboratory is 120 sq meter. In 2010, the computer with new technology has been introduced. We installed 50 computers with 1-switch and 2-hubs. Likewise, in 2013 there are 50 computers with 1-switch and 4-hub.Later in the year 2018 we have every systems with advanced technology.

The Institution has latest technology like Flash, Swish which are used for the web designing. We also have enhanced multimedia laboratory and we use movie maker in those laboratory. Our college has 4 main computer laboratory namely Tech zone, Multi zone, Net zone and soft zone. The Tech zone laboratory has 2-24 part switch in which technical programs are involved. In Multi zone laboratory the multimedia programming were done. The Net zone which has network programming and software programming was done in the soft zone laboratory. The Soft zone laboratory contains 24-port LAN bit switch-2 and also 5 port switch-1.

The college ICT facility included projectors, wireless microphones, sound systems marker boards, PA system, desktop recorder with internet facility to conduct lectures, seminars, webinars, conferences guest lectures and workshop.

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