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ILMS - Integrated Library Management System

Name of ILMS Software Nature of automation (fully or partially) Version Year of Automation
Campes iLIB Fully 5.9.7 2002

The College library follows the open Access System, and the Reference books follow the Closed Access system. Books are classified according to department wise and subject wise and are placed on the stacks. We check the availability of a particular book by using OPAC in library Software.

We have Reference books, Newspaper, and Magazines. PG and UG students are allotted with 6 and 4 books for 15days and faculty members are issued 8 books for 30 days for a semester.

The Best Library user award is given for students and faculty to who use the library resources mostly. Property counter facilities are available in our library.

Before entering the library users should live their belongings at the proper counter and entry in the gate register.

The College has a well – equipped computerized library with more than 52438 Books and about 246 Journals and online Journals, E-books on various disciplines.

Total area of the library (In Sq.m) 8201
Total seating capacity 300
Library working Days on working days
on holidays
before examination days
during Examination days
during vacation
Library working hours 9:00 am to 6.00pm

E- Journals Delnet
British council
Membership Shodhganga Membership
Databases Elsevier
Remote access to e- resources Yes

Remote access to E-Resources
E-Resources Delnet
Contact Person Sangeeta
Bandwidth Connectivity 10 MBps


OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue

The Library also available OPAC facility to search the collection the books, projects and journals. Users can also search the latest collections.

Electronic Resource Management for E-journals

Journals are subscribed as Delnet. These journals are accessed through Local Area Network (IP Authenticated Access). Besides, 20 computers are available in the library to access the e-journals by the users. Students and faculty are access the e –journals in college campus.

Databases Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple

Federated searching tools provided by the various service providers are available to the students. These tools collate the results of the search from various sources/ journals and provide the summarized results. List of such services are IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley Black well, ASME, Delnet.

Library Website A separate Web Page Link is given in the college website.
Remote Access to E- Publications IP Authenticated Access for e-journals, user name & Password Access for Delnet Resources.
Total number of computers for general access 25 Computers
Total numbers of printers for general access 1
Internet Bandwidth speed 10 MBps
Institution repository Institutional Repositories are available in the form of Project Report, and Question Papers
Reprography Reprography Facility is available at library.
Download In Digital Library, users can download the E-journal articles, and other learning materials from World Wide Web.

User Orientation and awareness

Orientation programs are conducted for first year students regarding the usage of library resources. Trained staff members are available for assisting the students in searching databases.

Average number of books Issued/ returned 2904
Radio of library books to students enrolled 5:1
Average number of login to OPAC/day 10:15
Average number of login to e-resources (per month) 175
Details of Weeding out of books and other materials Magazines, project papers weeded out to the students

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