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  • Chairman 'Cavalier' Dr.M.S.Mathivanan has received Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Award
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B.E Computer Science and Engineering - Laboratory Facilities
Computing Lab

The Department is well equipped with the state of the art computing and internet facility with 6 Mbps through RF link and is eminent with fully networked laboratories. The laboratories are manifested with more systems and Servers with Dual Core Processors with multimedia kit connected via LAN system with the latest technological configuration. There are also other facilities in the labs which include audio-visual, printers and scanners that are used by the students for lecture sessions and presentations. The computer systems are installed with all the academic software for conducting the laboratory courses prescribed in the syllabus. Internet facility is also provided to enrich the students with the upcoming technologies.

Server Room
Servers Printers Scanners
5 2 2
Laboratory No.of. Computers Servers Printers / Scanners N/W Uplink Panel
TECHZONE Lab 40 - Laser & Dot Matrix / - 1
MULTIZONE Lab 43 - Laser & Dot Matrix / - 1
NETZONE Lab 40 2 2 / 1 1
SOFTZONE Lab 25 - 2 / - 1
UPS Capacity No.of. UPS
5 KVA 01
10 KVA 02
15 KVA 02

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