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  • STEM-AI & Runlinc based Teaching & Learning Methodology collaborated with STEMSEL Foundation, Australia.
  • Chairman 'Cavalier' Dr.M.S.Mathivanan has received Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Award
  • Recognized by UGC under section 2(f) of 12(B).
  • SSM Incubator Centre approved by MSME.
  • EDC recognized by Ministry of Science & Technology.
  • Japanese Language Training

SSM college of Engineering follows the norms laid down by AICTE and Anna University for creating and enhancing the infrastructure facilities for effective teaching and learning. All the infrastructure facilities are provided with a vision to help students to develop their academic and carrier progression skills. Total area of our institution is 43000 sq meter and its build up area is 38411 sq meter. The college have exclusive language laboratory attached with audio and video facilities for enhancing student to gain knowledge.

In July 1998, 50 computers were installed along with 1 switch. The college used Internet connections through LAN with the speed of 5 mbps in the initial stage. Later in 1999, 30 computers along with 1 switch were installed. In 2000, additionally 30 computers with 1 switch were installed. In 2001, 50 computers with 1 switch were installed. In addition to this the college bought 50 speakers. These computers used windows-98 as its operating system. The college used the advanced operating systems for the 50 computers installed in the year 2002. It also has 1 switch and 5 hubs. After in 2004, 40 computers were bought with 2-switches and 5-hubs. In 2006, there are 40 computers with 2-switch and 5-hubs were bought. Later on 2008, the college bought 40 computers with 1-switch and 3-hubs.

Our institution has 7 computer laboratories with high speed Internet connection using WI-FI. Every year our college is updating the connection speed of Internet. We use LCD for the easy and understandable way of taking classes for the students to gain knowledge. We also have High sound Quality Speakers used in Communication Laboratories. In our college the AUTOCAD Laboratory was used by civil department students. Our college use advanced operating systems likes Windows-XP, Windows-7 and also have Linux, UNIX and Ubantu. The computers have various languages like C, C++, Java, .net, Rational Rose and Visual Basic. For the Internet connection we use optical fiber cables. The area of each computer laboratory is 120 sq meter. In 2010, the computer with new technology has been introduced. We installed 50 computers with 1-switch and 2-hubs. Likewise, in 2013 there are 50 computers with 1-switch and 4-hub.Later in the year 2018 we have every systems with advanced technology.

The Institution has latest technology like Flash, Swish which are used for the web designing. We also have enhanced multimedia laboratory and we use movie maker in those laboratory. Our college has 4 main computer laboratory namely Tech zone, Multi zone, Net zone and soft zone. The Tech zone laboratory has 2-24 part switch in which technical programs are involved. In Multi zone laboratory the multimedia programming were done. The Net zone which has network programming and software programming was done in the soft zone laboratory. The Soft zone laboratory contains 24-port LAN bit switch-2 and also 5 port switch-1.

The college ICT facility included projectors, wireless microphones, sound systems marker boards, PA system, desktop recorder with internet facility to conduct lectures, seminars, webinars, conferences guest lectures and workshop.

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