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Institutional Best Practice





What were the contextual features or challenging issues that needed to be addressed in designing and implementing this practice (in about 150 words)?

Designing of a system for the Mentoring and Counseling practice

Challenges needed to be addressed

Thus designing the practice was not tedious and cumbersome, but implementation had issues which was resolved gradually.

Describe the practice and its uniqueness in the context of India higher education. What were the constraints / limitations, if any, faced (in about 400 words)?


This practice begins in the first semester and continues till final semester for each student. In the beginning students are grouped and a mentor is assigned to monitor their academic progress in that academic year.

The role of a mentor is to:



Later all the issues were sorted out gradually and the session started evolving successfully.

Provide evidence of success such as performance against targets and benchmarks, review/results. What do these results indicate? Describe in about 200 words.

The evidence of success is given in terms of results, participation in seminars, paper presentation

Department: Textile Chemistry


S.No Semester 2017-2018 2017-2018
Target Achieved Target Achieved
1 ODD 85 90 87 90
2 EVEN 90 92 90 92


S.No 2017-2018 2018-2019
No. of Students No. of Students
1 30 55


S.No 2017-2018 2018-2019
Percentage of Placement Percentage of Placement
1 100% 100%

Certificate Courses

S.No Semester 2017-18 2018-19
No. of Students No. of Students
1 ODD 20 26
2 EVEN 21 20

The process of counseling has gradually shown a rise in the performance of most of the students


Students with history of poor attendance have shown a great improvement after continuous counseling


Academic Performance:

Skill development

6. Please identify the problems encountered and resources required to implement the practice (in about 150 words).

Problems encountered in implementing the practice

Initially Students weren’t serious about the counselling and considered it as a leisure period. They hesitated to share their personal grievances and even their academic problems too. Girls students were reluctant to share their thoughts, especially the gents staff. On the other hand, faculty were not confident enough in handling the student’s issue and comfortably take over the counselling session.

Later the need for training was envisaged and an intensive one was conducted to all by a trained counsellor.

The training involved

Resources Required

7. Notes (Optional) Please add any other information that may be relevant for adopting/ implementing the Best Practice in other Institutions (in about150 words). Any other information regarding Institutional Values and Best Practices which the university would like to include.

Adolescent phase is one in which students usually tend to believe their peer group and start distancing from parents. Most of their personal issue remain unnoticed by either parents or teachers. The issues aggravate to an extent that leads to serious consequences in the career of the student. A diligent and intellectual student can end being unsuccessful in their academics or even an average student can create great difference in all their endeavors. Thus in this phase a mentor/counsellor act as a facilitator thereby monitoring their activities and guiding them to achieve their goal.

Mentors are similar to the reins in a horse that drive them properly to the target and counsellor are similar to a blinder and hence do not allow the student to get indulged in unwarranted activities. This practice is universal and has to be followed in any educational institution to be guide the student community.

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2. What are the objectives / intended outcomes of this “best practice” and what are the underlying principles or concepts of this practice (in about 100 words)?

Principle or Concept of the practice

This practice intends to provide a platform for the students to actively participate, learn, exhibit their technical and cognitive skills by presenting papers, projects etc., This practice helps students to explore and develop their skill.

Objectives are to

Intended Outcomes

3. The Context What were the contextual features or challenging issues that needed to be addressed in designing and implementing this practice (in about 150 words)?

The hurdles and challenges faced in implementing the practice is briefly discussed


Designing the practice wasn’t a tougher task and it involved


The problems faced in implementing is briefly discussed

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