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Alternate Source of Energy

Utilization of electrical energy is inevitable in today’s world. 70% of the energy generated is obtained by combustion of fossil fuel (coal). Over exploitation of these resources has led to serious environmental pollution and depletion. Thus it is mandatory to shift our attention towards renewable sources for sustainable utilization of these resources. As a contribution to the nation and the environment as a whole, the institution is utilizing renewable sources of energy and energy efficient systems and devices. Solar thermal, Solar electrical – Grid connected, Bio –gas, automated systems for energy conservation and energy efficient devices such as LED bulbs to meet the lighting loads in the night time.

Energy efficient lighting system
S.No Power Details Usage of Power
1 Annual power requirements met by the renewable (Solar) energy source KWH 1KW/4unit x 50KW x30 days x 12 months =4 x 50 x 30 x 12 =72,000Kwh /Year (Unit)
2 Total power requirements in Kwh EB 110 kw (40kw) X 3 Service x 8hrs x 25 Days x 12 Months = EB 2,88,000 Units + Solar 72,000 Units
Total power Usage Per Year in Kwh (Unit)= 3,60,000 (Unit)
3 Percentage of annual lighting power requirements 10% (36000Kwh) Units
4 Annual lighting power requirement through LED Lamp in Kwh 50% (18000Kwh) Units

LED Power Use details

S.No Power Details Usage of Power
1 Total lighting load 36000(Kwh) Units/ Year
2 Lighting load met through in through LED in day time 18000 (Kwh) Units/ Year
3 Lighting load net through LED in Night 100%

Sensor based power control
S.No System Specification Purpose Location
1 Automated System to Switch ON/OFF - AC Motor 10Amps Pumping water to over head Main Building
2 Automated Sensor based electrical System 5Amps Switching ON/OFF – Fan and Lights in a room Principal office

S.No System Specification Purpose Location
1 Bio - Gas 100 Kg Cooking Hostel

S.No System Specification Purpose Location
1 Solar - Evacuated Non concentrating Collector 10 m2 – 1000 Litres Heating water Hostel Roof Top
2 Solar – Photovoltaic Panel 50 KW Generation and connecting to Grid Main Building Roof Top

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