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  • A new Course has been introduced this year B.Tech Petroleum Engineering
  • Our College got 8th Rank in Anna University Engineering College Ranking
  • Chairman 'Cavalier' Dr.M.S.Mathivanan has received Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Award
Meditation Club

The aim of the meditation club is contemplation, begins with stilling of the mind and freeing it from its usual distractions and relaxing it from its usual tensions. Such a preparation enables the mind to focus sharply on an object of intense love, interest or concern, resulting first in its understanding at an intellectual level and then in an intimate intuitional level.

Meditation Club @ SSM

The club in SSM was started in focusing the hidden treasure in the core of our being. Meditation is the art of accessing this treasure.

Health Maintenance

Breathing and physical exercises required for achieving undisturbed focus help in health maintenance for the practitioner.

Stress Management

A stressful mind cannot focus, hence mind body exercises to elicit a relaxation response.

Relationship Management

A 12-month educational student exchange programme was conducted to experience the culture, customs and language of the people of another country.

Development of Life Perspectives

Reflective meditation develops enlightened perspectives about materiality and life, eliminating dilemmas that pull us apart and solving life issues arising out of human dilemmas and dualities.

Development of Ethical Lifestyles

Meditation helps us discover and understand the underlying unity of all beings and helps in celebrating differences in the light of this unity.

Enhancement of Learning Experience

Teachers can only teach; learning is of the nature of reflection and meditation and it is totally a self driven activity. Meditative learning is the most intimate form of understanding achievable

Spiritual Growth

Regular meditation constantly develops our inner abilities developing us spiritually as spirit is defined as essence underlying physicality.


On 14.06.2011 anatomic therapy was conducted by Healer. S.S.Bhaskar in the auditorium.

He gave valuable speech on Tips for healthy life which was more useful for the participants.

The sport development authority of tamilnadu conducted yoga competition on 9.2.2012 for the

school students from prekg to 12th standard.

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