Gnanathandhai’ SSM Subramaniam built up an industrial conglomerate through his untiring efforts. From the textiles sector, he diversified his activities to mineral extracts, cement & mining industries.

SSM College of Engineering is a fruition of his visionary zeal to impart top-notch technical education to the community. He has been instrumental in enhancing the educational prospects in the locality by establishing several educational institutions. As borne out by his title, he scaled both spiritual and material heights. Having attained the pristine state of ‘GNANA’, he dwelt on ways of ennobling the human soul and has several publications on the subject. He envisaged linearity in deeds, words and thoughts by striving to purify the body, mind and soul. His efforts have benefited multitudes besides his employees. His pioneering ventures in education continue to shower rays of wisdom to generations of learners.

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